Cancer Council Queensland announces the next round of $4 million cancer research funding

Cancer Council Queensland announce the next round of $4 million cancer research funding

Cancer Council Queensland has announced the next round of Accelerating Collaborating Cancer Research (ACCR) Grants. Two Queensland-based cancer research projects will be awarded $2 million each over the next four years.  

Professor Amanda Ullman and Professor Kwun Fong, both from The University of Queensland were presented with the awards this month by Cancer Council Queensland’s CEO Ms Chris McMillan. 

“The successful grant recipients Professor Amanda Ullman and Professor Kwun Fong are at the forefront of cancer research.  Their teams’ research provides hope for the 30,000 Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer each year,” Ms McMillan said.    

Professor Kwun Fong said that he felt very humbled and grateful to receive the grant.    

“We are incredibly thankful to Cancer Council Queensland and the generous people who support them, which makes this award possible.” 

“This vital support will help us accelerate our lung cancer screening and early detection research in order to save lives,” said Professor Fong. 

The $4 million award consists of each project receiving $500,000 annually over four years, (comprising of $350,000 per annum from Cancer Council Queensland and a $150,000 per annum contribution from the Administering Institution of each recipient). 

For an overview of the research projects receiving essential funding, see below. 

  1. Research Title: Lung Cancer Screening in Queensland 

Lead Investigator: Professor Kwun Fong

Lead Investigator: Professor Kwun Fong

Administering Institution: The University of Queensland 

Professor Fong’s team will undertake the first ever implementation research of feasibility and effectiveness of CT screening, in conjunction with smoking cessation, for detecting curable lung cancers in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  

“From this research, we will learn whether there is a place for mobile lung cancer screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities if the Government decides to introduce a national lung cancer CT screening program for at-risk people. The research will also tell us if and how mobile screening may be effectively delivered for these communities,” said Professor Fong. 


2. Research Title: Preventing adverse events during paediatric cancer treatment: A multi-site hybrid randomised controlled trial of innovative catheter lock solutions 

Lead Investigator Professor Amanda Ullman

Lead Investigator: Professor Amanda Ullman 

Administering Institution: The University of Queensland 

Professor Ullman and team will undertake the world’s first clinical trial of a central line lock (T-EDTA), that may prevent complications such as infections, blood clots and line blockage for children with cancer. 

“Our clinical trial includes over 800 children from across Queensland, and is a collaboration involving clinicians, scientists from five hospitals and three universities. We will work together to identify if this new lock solution is effective, and if it is, we will implement it across healthcare,” said Professor Ullman. 

Cancer Council Queensland looks forward to seeing the outcomes of Professors Fong and Ullmans’ work over the next four years. We would also like to extend a massive thank you to all our supporters, fundraisers and donors who have helped make the ACCR grant scheme possible. Together, we are all working towards a cancer free future for all Queenslanders.  


Cancer Council Queensland’s ACCR grants aim to: 

  • Accelerate the translation of research findings into improved outcomes, clinicalpracticeor health policy to improve the survival and well-being of cancer patients 
  • Stimulate innovative, collaborative cancer research in areas of need
  • Develop the capacity of high-quality cancer research groups in Queensland.

To find out more about the latest cancer research projects conducted and funded by Cancer Council Queensland, click here. 

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