9 budget-friendly gifts that support kids with cancer this Christmas

During the Christmas period, our hearts are filled with a desire to give back and support others, especially families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. We can all agree that nobody should have to face cancer alone, and there’s no doubt we can all empathise with and want to support families experiencing childhood cancer this Christmas. However, sometimes our fear of overstepping, offending or adding to their emotional load can stop us from showing our support. We’ve spoken to three anonymous oncology parents to find out what’s on their Christmas wish list so you can get some ideas of how you can support them and their families this Christmas. 

The gestures that are given without you having to ask or tell them what to do are the best.”

1. Send Uber Eats vouchers 

“In the hospital I didn’t know how to feed myself. There was only one café, and it wasn’t open very late. I couldn’t leave my son alone and most of the rooms didn’t have facilities to cook either. So, when someone gifted me an UberEats voucher, it was incredibly helpful. I could meet the driver downstairs while the nurse watched him for a few minutes. Even when we weren’t in hospital for treatment, we would focus on the kids all day, then we would get them to bed finally then we’d collapse in a heap. It was nice to have that option – I wouldn’t normally do it if I didn’t have the voucher. It made us do something for ourselves.” 

Cost: From $25  

2. Research their diagnosis 

“Research the different kinds of cancer, so you know what their kids have and what the side effects of their treatment are. It meant a lot to me when my friends had an idea of what my child is going through without me having to explain every little thing.” 

Cost: FREE 

3. Donate to childhood cancer research 

“Research into new therapies like the one my child received is the only reason he’s alive and has both of his arms. Kids are dying from the toxicity of the therapy. The only way we can save their lives is through childhood cancer research.” 

Cost: From $2

4. Share their stories 

“Breast cancer survival has increased so much part of that is due to awareness and the funding that is able to be directed to research because of that awareness. Share our posts on social media with the worldwide hashtag #GoGoldForChildhoodCancer. We appreciate the acknowledgement.” 

Cost: FREE 

5. Give blood

That’s the easiest way to help, because our kids have multiple blood, plasma, and platelet transfusions throughout treatment. Your donations literally save lives. It’s meaningful, it’s free, and once you’re in the system it doesn’t take much time.” 

Cost: FREE 

6. Donate your time

“We know money is not something everyone has at the moment, but volunteering with a cancer charity is a big one too. A lot of charities have Christmas events you can help out with. So, finding those volunteering opportunities is always helpful.” 

Cost: FREE 

7. Use Christmas wrapping services 

“A lot of cancer charities don’t do much fundraising throughout the year but do Christmas wrapping services in exchange for a donation at shopping centers. By either donating your time to wrap presents at the booth or asking them to wrap your gifts for a donation, you can support the services they provide, which supports us.”

Cost: From $2

8. Drop off a care package

“I really appreciated the ones that would say, ‘I am going to drop by a care package,’ and they don’t come in, they just leave it on your doorstep. You don’t always want visitors to have to present yourself or put on a brave face. It isn’t about what is in the package, it could be food or toys for the kids. You just feel really good that you’ve got this amazing community, and you don’t have to ask them for anything. That’s golden.” 

Cost: From $15

9. Take the kids on a Christmas lights tour.  

“If you know a family that’s going through active treatment and they are in the hospital over Christmas, the child who is in hospital tends to get a lot of stuff. But the kids at home have had their lives completely pulled apart as well, so it’s nice to make them feel special too. It is incredibly helpful to take my kids out and give them a fun night.” 

Cost: FREE (+ petrol)