Share Your Story to Help Other Queenslanders Impacted by Cancer

Has a cancer diagnosis had an impact on your mental health? Share your story and help us to create change. 


Around 31,000 Queenslanders are diagnosed with cancer each year and many people including families, friends and carers often experience poor mental health after a diagnosis.  

We’d like to hear about how cancer has affected your mental health.  

Learning about your experience and mental health needs will help us improve our services and advocate with government to reduce the mental health impact for Queenslanders affected by cancer. 

Whether you have experienced poor mental health after a cancer diagnosis for yourself or a loved one – we’d like to hear your story.

Share your story


Sharing your story can help us create change and improve the life of others.  

This project aims to help us gain a deeper understanding of the mental health experiences and needs of people affected by cancer, including the barriers to accessing mental health services, stigmatisation and the gaps that exist in the system.  

The collective findings from the survey will provide an important insight into the experiences of Queenslanders affected by cancer. This information can then be used in the following ways: 

  • To demonstrate the experiences and mental health needs of those affected by cancer so we can advocate for funding and support for mental health services. 
  • To ensure decision makers understand the connection between cancer and mental health and motivate them to make decisions to address the barriers and gaps we have identified.   
  • To publish the findings of the mental health challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. 
  • To raise awareness of Cancer Council Queensland’s services such as phone support and counselling for those needing mental health support. 

Queensland residents aged 18 years and over who have been affected by cancer either as a patient, or as a carer/family member are encouraged to contact us and share your story.  

*We may also ask if you would like to be one of our ongoing ‘case studies’ to helps us raise awareness about our services and/or help us promote fundraising for our research and support services

To share your story please email: 

Thank you for providing us with valuable information which will help Cancer Council Queensland improve mental health services in the future. 

Cancer Council Queensland’s Advocacy department works collaboratively with the community and all levels of government to advance cancer control by advocating for all Queenslanders, in relation to all cancers.  


Share your story