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Cancer statistics for Queensland, up to December 31, 2016, are available on Queensland Cancer Statistics Online.

Queensland Cancer Statistics Online provides information on cancer incidence, survival, mortality and prevalence by age and sex for 22 of the most common cancers in Queensland. It can be accessed here.

Queensland Cancer Statistics Online has been generated by CCQ’s Cancer Research Centre and Information Technology groups. It uses the most recent data available from the Queensland Cancer Register. The Register is managed by the Cancer Alliance Queensland on behalf of Metro South Hospital and Health Service for the Queensland Department of Health.

Navigation through QCSOL is via the tabs above the charts and the cancer types down the left of the page. Initially select a tab, then click on the cancer type desired. Additional selections are available for survival (sex) and prevalence (time interval).

Tabular versions of the data for each cancer are available in an excel workbook and can be downloaded from the downloads tab.

Although graphs often present data for males and females only, data for persons are also provided in the associated downloadable excel workbooks.

Data and methods

Additional details regarding data sources, explanation of statistical terms and methods used, as well as the specific codes used for each cancer site, are available here. These are also available through the methods link in the main text.

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Queensland Cancer Statistics On-Line, 2019. Viertel Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Council Queensland ( Based on data released by the Queensland Cancer Register (1982-2016; released July 2019).

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