Online physical activity and sedentary behaviour information for cancer survivors

What is known?

Given the increasing reliance on the internet for cancer survivorship information, high quality, accessible online resources detailing advice on physical activity is crucial for cancer survivors wishing to improve their overall wellbeing and reduce their risk of cancer returning. It is known that such resources exist, but little is known about the quantity, quality and accuracy of them.

What is new?

A review of online resources showed that the importance of physical activity in staying healthy after a cancer diagnosis is frequently mentioned. However, comprehensive and specific advice is lacking. Advice for cancer survivors regarding the importance of avoiding sedentary behaviour (i.e. prolonged sitting or lying down) is scarce, with little to no detail on how to achieve this.

What does this mean?

Currently, it may be difficult for cancer survivors to access all the advice they require via the internet to properly guide their safe participation in physical activity. Website conveners and developers should work to provide more comprehensive, specific and up-to-date the information on physical activity during cancer survivorship.

Contact: Belinda Goodwin

Reference: Goodwin BC, Crawford-Williams F, Castro O, Rowe A, De Cocker K. Online physical activity and sedentary behaviour information for cancer survivors. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2020; 14(5):677-688.

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