What are the mechanisms underlying the delivery of survivorship care information in Australia?

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What is known?

Quality survivorship information is an essential component of cancer care. Cancer survivors often feel they aren’t receiving adequate information to help them transition back to everyday life after treatment. Healthcare professionals also report limited practical guidance or resources on how to effectively communicate this information to survivors.

This study aimed to identify what mechanisms are effective for communicating survivorship information to adult cancer survivors in Australia by reviewing findings of previous studies in the published literature. It also aimed to better understand the components that make the delivery of this information successful.

What is new?

From 51 studies, 6 mechanisms were identified for optimal ways to deliver survivorship care information to adult cancer survivors:

  1. Tailor information to survivors’ social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.
  2. Reduce the burden on survivors to navigate the transition of their care from hospital to home.
  3. Provide information in multiple formats (e.g., written, spoken).
  4. Clear roles and communication among care teams.
  5. Dedicated staff and consultation time for survivorship care.
  6. Training for staff providing this care.

What does this mean?

These findings can be used to guide the delivery of cancer survivorship care information to cancer survivors. The review highlights priority areas for healthcare teams and policymakers to better support and provide effective communication of survivorship information to people impacted by cancer.

Contact: Lizzy Johnston

Reference: Myers L, Johnston EA, Zajdlewicz L, Kelly S, Perry N, Stiller A, Crawford-Williams F, Chan RJ, Emery JF, Bergin RJ, Aitken JF, Goodwin, BC. What are the mechanisms underlying the delivery of survivorship care information in Australia? A realist review. Psycho-Oncology. 2024. Doi: 10.1002/pon.6321

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