Volunteers celebrate 25 years of the Gluyas Rotary Lodge

As a Lodge Support Volunteer, Betty Devonshire of Townsville, embraces volunteering with both arms and an open heart.

“My role is helping those affected by cancer by talking and just being there with them. They tell me I have a good ear and knowledge about the situation. I feel they are comfortable with me and that makes me happy.”

Based in the Gluyas Rotary Lodge in Townsville, Betty helped celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the Lodge last week. Since it opened in 1991, the Gluyas Rotary Lodge has provided vital access to life saving treatment and support services for more than 5000 regional Queenslanders.

CCQ’s six lodges statewide are vital to cancer control – helping us address geograghic barriers to cancer survival.

25th Anniversary Lodge

Betty, second from right with CCQ C.E.O professor Jeff Dunn A.O

Having survived cancer twice in the past, Betty decided to volunteer with Cancer Council Queensland. Because of her own experience, Betty knows how meaningful it is for a person to have support during their cancer journey.

“It is surprising knowing just how much a support volunteer being involved can give a little ray of sunshine in some one’s life at a scary time on their journey through the unknown.”

With sincere support, care and compassion, Betty realises her role is having an impact.

“We all chat about a lot of things and get to know one another. Most people are more than happy to discuss with the group where they are with treatment and how they are handling things. It all feels good.”

When asked what some of her favourite moments were since becoming a volunteer, Betty remains humble.

“When someone says to me, “Thank you for being there” over a cuppa.”

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