Unlocking the secrets of childhood cancer

Each year in Australia around 700 children aged 0–14 will be diagnosed with cancer.

No child should have their childhood stripped away from them. No parents should have to witness the pain and suffering caused by this disease.

Promisingly, childhood cancer death rates in Australia have decreased by nearly 40 per cent over the past 15 years for cancer including leukemias, lymphomas and brain cancers.

However, we still have more work to do – with cancer continuing its tragic track record as the most common cause of disease-related death for children over one.

A key part of our work in this area is focused on providing researchers and clinicians with statistical information on childhood cancer to assist with national and international research projects to help improve the outcomes of childhood cancer in Australia.

Thanks to your support Cancer Council Queensland solely funds and manages the Australian Childhood Cancer Registry – a national databank of information that is essential for epidemiologic, biomedical and clinical research into these rare but significant diseases.

Every donation enables us to continue running the Australian Childhood Cancer Registry and provide information and support to national and international research projects that have the potential to save many lives.

If you, or a family member you know, has been touched by childhood cancer, please reach out to Cancer Council Queensland today on 13 11 20.

We are here to help – every step of the way.