Tips for creating a healthy Girls’ Night In platter

When a gourmet platter gets rolled out at an event it’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. So, why not whip up a healthier version for your Girls’ Night In this October?

Cancer Council Queensland is putting out the challenge to all hosts to swap in healthy options for their Girls’ Night In platter and to share their ideas to inspire others.

To get you started, here’s what you can use to put together a platter that’s both nutritious and delicious…just consider this your Girls’ Night In platter grocery list!

First of all fruit and vegetables. Purchase a punnet of cherry tomatoes and a selection of vegetables to slice, such as carrots, capsicum and cucumber. Try to include two fruit varieties too – strawberries, grapes, cherries, and sliced apple or kiwi fruits look lovely on platters.

Next it’s dip time. Dips can be easy to make, but if you are going for a store-bought option, just look at the Nutritional Information Panel and Health Star Rating. Handy tip: Hummus, beetroot, guacamole and tzatziki are usually best.

Then, balance it out with wholemeal crackers, sliced chicken or turkey breast (instead of processed meats, such as salami or kabana, which are carcinogenic), unsalted nuts displayed in small bowls and a cheese. Camembert or Brie usually have slightly lower fat content than cheddar and you can even cut them into serving sizes to spread them out further.

Up to one third of cancers are preventable through simple lifestyle changes including eating well, maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in physical activity. Providing nutritious options at your event will benefit not only your own health but also your guests.

Make sure to use #OurGirlsNightIn and #CancerCouncilQld when you take photos of your platters, so your fellow hosts can see them.

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