I.T Volunteers helping create a cancer free future

I.T Volunteers helping create a cancer free future

Working tirelessly behind the scenes each day are our wonderful IT volunteers. This talented group are responsible for assisting in all areas of digital development, including the creation and maintenance of the website you’re looking at right now!

In the past two years the volume of work required of our digital team has increased enormously, and without the help of these volunteers, this workload would be impossible to manage.

Five fast facts about our IT volunteers

  1. In just four weeks, four of these volunteers are able to save CCQ $33,600
  2. With only a couple of days work each week, one volunteer alone has saved CCQ $8100 this year
  3. Currently the team consists of one full-time volunteer and six part-time, all of whom come from highly skilled backgrounds with years of both working and university knowledge behind them.
  4. These volunteers have assisted with every major IT project CCQ has undertaken this year, along with providing much needed daily digital support to all departments across the organisation
  5. While the impact these volunteers have had upon CCQ is massive, through their volunteering they have all had the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will prove invaluable in their future careers. In fact, the experience CCQ’s first digital volunteer gained in his time here helped him land a great job with the Queensland Government

Through their generous donation of time and skills, the impact our IT volunteers have on CCQ can’t be underestimated. We’re incredibly lucky and thankful to have them on board!

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