Statement: Cancer Council Australia position on non-health public policy issues

January 31, 2019

Cancer Council as a federation has no public position on matters of economic and financial public policy, other than an ongoing position calling for greater public investment in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, care and research.

Public comments from Cancer Council Queensland (a sovereign member of the Cancer Council federation) in response to a parliamentary inquiry into franking credits related to the concerns of individual donors and were intended to represent the views of those donors and supporters, not the views of the organisation.

Cancer Council as an organisation only takes a strong, independent position on matters of public policy that relate to cancer.

Cancer Council Australia will soon release a set of evidence-based public policy priorities for the next Australian Government, which focus entirely on cancer issues.

Cancer Council Australia expects to work constructively with the next Australian Government, irrespective of which party or parties take office following the 2019 federal election. The federal Opposition has demonstrated a strong commitment to invest in public health, including cancer control, should it form government.

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For media enquiries or interviews, please contact the Cancer Council Australia media hotline (02) 8063 4109 (your call will be diverted to mobile outside hours) or email