Sometimes the little things mean the most

Wig and turban service

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the rigours of treatment are huge challenges for most people, and sometimes it’s the things that seem little that can impact the most.

Hair loss can be an extremely confronting and distressing time for those affected, but thanks to your amazing support, patients affected are not alone.

People diagnosed with cancer can borrow a wig or turban, or both, at no cost for the duration of their treatment through Cancer Council Queensland’s innovative ESA Wig and Turban Service.

The incredible thing about this service is that it is mainly run by volunteers – we have volunteers helping with fittings and sewing hundreds of turbans each year.

Your support helps bring hope and confidence to those affected by cancer – and aids in reducing the economic burden of cancer on an individual and their family.

Kaitlyn was just 13 years old when she lost her hair, watch her story to see how you are making a difference.

In 2017, 2730 wigs and turbans were provided to Queensland cancer patients. Your generous donation will allow this vital service to continue.

If you have been affected by cancer, or know someone that is, we’re here to help. For information and support, phone 13 11 20, Monday to Friday.