Live Well, Be Well Radio – 8 October

Live well be well

Listen back to our 8 October #livewellbewell radio show! reveals how many Aussie kids rely on their parents financially, tweens2teen helps teens stay active, bmag reveals the impact of brain games & we prep for a fab and fun #GirlsNightIn!

Listen to the latest Live Well, Be Well radio podcast with Katie Clift here, and catch up on episodes you may have missed.

Live Well, Be Well radio is broadcast across Queensland each Saturday morning on 96Five and 91.9 Fresh FM, and available via podcast. Hosted by CCQ’s spokesperson Katie Clift, Live Well, Be Well radio gives Queenslanders practical advice, new ideas, fresh tips and the latest in health news to help listeners live their healthiest and happiest lives possible. Tune in for the latest from feature guests like Bmag, Style Magazines, Women’s Health Magazine and more!