Letter to the Editor: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Dear Editor,

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we’re urging all Queenslanders to help raise awareness of the disease, reduce their risk and support those affected.

Lung cancer affects more than 2200 Queenslanders each year, and sadly, more than 1700 will die from the disease this year alone.

While lung cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and women, it’s the leading cancer-related cause of death in Queensland. Less than 16 per cent of people diagnosed will survive five years.

We are committed to investing in lung cancer research to give hope for better treatment options, and advocating for stronger tobacco control laws to help save lives.

While there are many factors that can contribute to lung cancer, we do know that smoking is the leading cause.

Following new smoke-free laws which came into effect in September, Queensland has become a global leader in tobacco control and this is something we can be proud of.

As we work towards a future free of lung cancer, we urge the community to also take steps today to help prevent the disease.

Up to one third of all cancers are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices including quitting smoking and participating in regular screening to ensure early detection.

Together, we can encourage Queenslanders to reduce their risk and also foster support for those affected.

We know that patients, particularly non-smokers, can feel stigmatised by their illness and more education and awareness is needed to diminish this.

Stigma contributes to psychological distress, negatively impacting on the patient’s quality of life and sometimes, tragically, influencing treatment decisions.
With your help, we can ensure that no one goes through lung cancer alone.

If you or someone you know is affected by cancer, please call Cancer Council’s 13 11 20 for access to a comprehensive range of cancer publications, confidential support and referrals.

Professor Jeff Dunn AO,
Cancer Council Queensland CEO

For more information or interviews, please contact:
Lisa Maynard,
Senior Media Advisor,
Cancer Council Queensland
Phone: (07) 3634 5171