Less frequent smokers still face double the risk of death

Smokers who smoke a few times a week are likely to die 10 years earlier than average, while smokers who smoke fewer than 14 cigarettes a day face double the risk of death of non-smokers. The latest figures show 17 per cent of the Queensland adult population are current smokers – including daily and non-daily smokers.

Even those who cut back to between one and four cigarettes a day remain at risk of dying from a tobacco-related disease. Queenslanders who smoke an average of 10 cigarettes a day still have double the risk of dying than a non-smoker. Smoking at any frequency is a risk to a person’s short and long term health, and the health of their family and friends. It’s important for all smokers to understand the widespread, damaging effects of their habit – even if you’re not a daily smoker, your risk of dying from cigarettes remains high.

Around 3700 Queenslanders die from a tobacco-related disease each year. About 370 of these deaths are caused by second-hand smoke exposure. Currently, two in three Australian smokers will die from their habit.

Smokers are urged to call the Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 7848) for help with quitting.