Don’t get sucked in by cheap frozen drinks, Cancer Council warns

Cancer Council Queensland is warning against the purchase of cheap frozen drinks during summer, with research showing one cup could contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar.

Popular fast food chains and convenience stores are placing price promotions on frozen soft drinks and slurpees – which could cost as a little as a dollar, but far more for your health.

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said many Queenslanders weren’t aware how much sugar was in one frozen drink purchase.

“Many frozen soft drinks and slurpees can contain between 14 and 25 teaspoons of sugar per serve,” Ms Clift said.

“On hot summer days it’s easy to get tempted by cheap frozen drinks to cool off for a treat – but that purchase may be damaging the health of Queenslanders more than they realise.

“Consuming 25 teaspoons of sugar in one serve is far in excess of what is recommended as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

“A poor diet can lead to overweight and obesity, and increase the risk of a range of chronic diseases, including some cancers.

“Up to one third of all cancers are preventable through simple lifestyle choices including maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy weight.

“We’re calling on Queenslanders to stick with water or unsweetened low-fat milk as a summer day refreshment.

“Avoid the excess sugar intake – your body will thank you for it!”

Up to 37 per cent of daily energy intake for Queenslanders aged two years and older comes from discretionary foods – foods high in energy with little nutritional value, new research shows.*

12 per cent of Queensland adults and around 8 per cent of Queensland children consume soft drink daily.

“Sugary drink consumption is highest among teenage boys in Queensland – 70 per cent had consumed a drink in the previous 24 hours when surveyed*,” Ms Clift said.

“Sugary drinks, including frozen soft drinks and slurpees, can also weaken tooth enamel that leads to tooth decay, and ongoing health issues.

“We’re calling on Queensland adults and children to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and not get sucked in by low price points on frozen drinks.”

For more information about Cancer Council, Queenslanders can call 13 11 20 or visit

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