CanTeen Brain Tumour Support Group in West End

CanTeen counsellor Hiromi Ogata has started a support group for young adults with a brain tumour.

The group meets every fortnight, from 12-1.30pm at the CanTeen office in West End.

You don’t need to become a member of CanTeen – any young adult (18+) affected by a brain tumour can join. Attendance is free. The group was started because young people with brain tumour have different needs to older adults or children. The aim of the group is to understand, connect, and support each other.

Where: CanTeen 33 Vulture Street, West End 4101

When: Friday 12-1:30pm, every fortnight (last meeting for 2015 is Friday 18 December, first meeting for 2016 is Friday 22 January)

Other useful information: One disabled park on premises, 2-hour on street parking nearby, wheelchair accessible, guide dogs welcome.

Contact: Hiromi Ogata (CanTeen Counsellor) or 07 3107 1524

What participants have said:

“I really appreciate that this group has started. I have felt connected to the others who are going through big challenges in life.”

“Thank you for making this happen. I realised how much I needed to meet these people. I feel safe, we all are equal, and there is no judgement. Come and join us!”

“I just wanted to find one friend, one true friend without any conditions. I think that I have found one. Thank you.”