Cancer Council unwraps Hot Cross Kilojoules this Easter

Cancer Council will today unwrap the kilojoules in popular Hot Cross Buns across Queensland, helping families stay healthy and manage their eating over the Easter long weekend.

Queensland’s best buns will be revealed – from traditional to fruitless, apple, cinnamon, choc-chip and choc-caramel flavours – helping people count their calories and eat well this Easter.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said many Queenslanders would be shocked to learn the average hot cross bun could take an hour of walking to burn off.

“One traditional hot cross bun contains about 210 calories (879 kilojoules) – with four teaspoons of sugar and 250mg of sodium in each bun,” Ms McMillan said.

“The daily recommended sugar consumption is no more than six teaspoons a day – eating just one and a half hot cross buns would take you over that limit.

“Singling out sodium – the daily recommended intake is 1600mg – so one hot cross bun is about one fifth or one sixth of your daily intake.

“The fruitless hot cross bun has the least calories, at 203 calories (849 kilojoules) per bun. But that’s still more than a teaspoon of sugar and 323mg of sodium per bun.

“Choc-chip hot cross buns typically contain about 240 calories (1004 kj), apple and cinnamon buns have 214 calories (895 kj) and choc-caramel hot cross buns have a whopping 252 calories (1054 kj) per bun.

“We’re also reminding Queenslanders to be mindful of the extra calories we consume when adding butter or other spreads to our hot cross buns.

“Understanding our Hot Cross Calories is key to moderating the amount of food we consume over the Easter long weekend – to help families maintain a balanced diet.”

Cancer Council is urging Queenslanders to opt for the healthiest choice if indulging in a treat or two during Easter.

“If we indulge in a treat or two, we should read labels and choose the healthiest option possible, balancing energy intake with energy expenditure over the long weekend, by participating in fun-filled physical activities the whole family can enjoy,” Ms McMillan said.

“Don’t let your healthy habits bomb over the Easter weekend – aim to burn off any extra calories you consume.

“For good health and happiness, think about play-based Easter gifts for your kids, encourage them to be physically active, and put on a healthy lunch for the family – prioritise wellbeing.”

More information about Cancer Council Queensland, and ensuring a happy and healthy Easter, is available via 13 11 20 or

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