Cancer Council calls on BCC to square off against smokes in city heart

Cancer Council Queensland will today call on local government to step up and ban smoking in King George and ANZAC Squares – once and for all.

The call follows the failure of a recent motion put to Brisbane City Council, prompted by a citizen petition.

Council resolved to monitor current smoke free legislation before considering a ban in King George Square – a move Cancer Council said is inadequate.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said a permanent ban on smoking in both squares would improve the liveability of Brisbane’s city heart.

“King George Square and ANZAC Square are people’s places – Brisbane residents and visitors deserve to be fully protected from the dangers of second-hand smoke,” Ms McMillan said.

“We know that community support for smoke-free spaces is higher now than at any time in history – with unequivocal evidence that smoke-free spaces encourage smokers to quit and prevent our next generation from taking up the lethal habit.

“The Queensland State Government are world leaders in this arena, thanks largely to the introduction of statewide smoke-free spaces legislation in September 2016.

“Smoke-free spaces save lives and prevent harm.

“Queenslanders are more aware than ever before that smoking kills and want greater action to protect our community against tobacco-related illness and disease.

“We urge Council to clear the air in King George Square, and ANZAC Square, to safeguard men, women, and children from the deadly impacts of smoking.”

About 12 per cent of Queensland adults smoke daily – down from 14 per cent in 2014 – and the majority of smokers want to quit.

Statewide smoke-free laws introduced in Queensland on September 1 are the toughest of any jurisdiction in the world.

Smoking is banned at public transport waiting points, pedestrian malls, aged care facilities and national parks – with powers given to local government to ban smoking in any public space not covered by a statewide smoking ban.

“The evidence is undeniable – second-hand smoke kills – at least one Queenslander dies every week from exposure to smoke drift, without ever having smoked a cigarette in their life,” Ms McMillan said.

“We call on Brisbane City Council to protect the Queensland community from second-hand smoke and stop the tragic toll that smoking takes on Queensland lives.”

Around 3700 Queenslanders die from a tobacco-related disease each year. At least one death every week is caused by second-hand smoke exposure.

Smokers can obtain free information, practical assistance and support from Quitline, 13 QUIT (13 7848).

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or Cancer Council’s 13 11 20.

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