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skin flap

Nearby skin or fatty tissue which is pulled over the wound and stitched….


The small cartilage flap in your throat that prevents food or fluid from going down the wrong way.

Skin Cancer

The skin protects against heat, sunlight, injury, and infection. Skin also helps control body temperature and stores water and fat. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. It usually forms in skin that has been exposed to sunlight,…

superficial skin cancer

Cancer that only affects cells on the surface of the top layer of the skin. Not invasive….

skin graft

A piece of skin taken from one part of the body to another to cover a wound….

Research snapshot – Association between melanoma detected during routine skin checks and mortality Watts 2021

…followed up until 2018. Patients recorded whether each melanoma was discovered during a routine clinical skin check, or it was self-detected. The results showed that people whose melanomas were detected through a routine clinical skin check had a 25% lower…

Research snapshot – Changes over time in skin check behaviours among Australians Reyes-Marcelino 2020

…more commonly among older age groups and females, and varied by location, skin sensitivity, skin colour, risk perception, and socio-economic index. What does this mean? Whole-body skin check behaviours in Australia have remained relatively stable overall but differ according to…

News: Researchers strive to shine light on thin skin cancers

…is at greater risk.” The project will bring together researchers from the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre (ASSC) and the Queensland Melanoma Collaborative, which also comprises QIMR-Berghofer and Cancer Council. The study will use data collected over 30…