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News: New research to spark a change in skin checks

New research from Cancer Council Queensland has the power to change the way skin checks are conducted across the state, particularly for melanoma survivors. Previous studies show melanoma survivors have a six to seven times higher risk of being diagnosed…

News: Survey seeks to shape future of skin cancer prevention

…with melanoma and more than 360,000 non-melanoma skin cancers removed annually. “Almost all skin cancers, including melanoma, are caused by over-exposure to UV radiation from the sun, meaning skin cancer is almost entirely preventable,” Ms McMillan said. “We’re calling on…

News: Researchers strive to shine light on thin skin cancers

…is at greater risk.” The project will bring together researchers from the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre (ASSC) and the Queensland Melanoma Collaborative, which also comprises QIMR-Berghofer and Cancer Council. The study will use data collected over 30…

News: Sunburn and skin cancer see spike in GP visits

New data shows skin cancer and sunburn are one of the top 10 reasons Australians visit their GP every year, prompting an urgent sun safety warning from Cancer Council. The data* shows consultations for skin cancer and sunburn were the…

News: Queensland still the skin cancer capital of the world

…Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide. “Ending Queensland’s tragic record as the skin cancer capital of the world remains a top priority for Cancer Council Queensland.” Queenslanders are urged to stay SunSmart as temperatures cool down across the State, with skin

News: National Skin Cancer Action Week 2017

…sunglasses. A combination of these measures, along with getting to know your skin and regularly checking for any changes, are the keys to reducing your skin cancer risk. To download the National Skin Cancer Action Week 2017 resources, visit:

News: Childhood sun exposure causing majority of skin cancer cases

…said. “It’s imperative that people are aware of their individual risks too – particularly for those with fair skin types, which burns more easily, and anyone with a family history of skin cancer. “Being SunSmart also means regular skin checks,…

News: Guide to a skin smart summer: How to select and slop sunscreen on correctly

…correctly and demystify the differences between products, Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan is sharing the below five tips. First of all, know your risk. Around 3700 Queenslanders are diagnosed with melanoma each year. Skin damage can occur in…

solar keratosis

A red, scaly spot on the skin that is a sign of sun damage to the skin. Also called a sunspot….

basal cell carcinoma (BCC)

A type of skin cancer that develops in the basal cells of the top layer (epidermis) of the skin.