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secondary cancer

Cancer that has spread from the original site to another part of the body. Also called a metastasis….


Each year, more than 32,000 Queenslanders are diagnosed with cancer. Do you need to talk? Whether you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, you can call our help line on 13 11 20, email us, or…

primary cancer

The original cancer. Cells from the primary cancer may break away and be carried to other parts of the body, where secondary cancers may form….

What is cancer?

…the main symptoms may be coming from the liver. Each cancer is very different in how it is diagnosed and treated. This specific information can be found in our cancer types section. For more information about cancer call Cancer Council…

News: World Cancer Day: Cancer leaders call for equal access to reduce premature cancer deaths by 25%

[3] World Health Organization (2017) Cancer Fact Sheet. [Accessed:20.12.17] [4] GLOBOCAN 2012 (International Agency for Research on Cancer), Estimated Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Prevalence in Nigeria in 2012 [Accessed: 20.12.17] Key information: • World Cancer Day (February 4)…

Blog: Cancer Council Queensland announce the next round of $4 million dollar cancer research grants targeting melanoma and ovarian cancer

This November, Cancer Council Queensland has announced the next round of Accelerating Collaborating Cancer Research (ACCR) Grants. Two Queensland-based cancer research projects will be awarded $500,000 annually for the next four years, comprising of $350,000 per annum from Cancer Council…

News: Ponytail Project calls on students to rock the chop for cancer

…sign up to rock the chop!” To register for Ponytail Project, or find out more information, students and schools should visit More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or Cancer Council’s 13 11 20. About Ponytail…

Health Professional Cancer Network

Health professionals play a key role in cancer control through cancer prevention, early detection, cancer diagnosis and treatment, survivorship and palliative care. Cancer Council Queensland aims to reduce the incidence of cancer, to diagnose cancer early, and enhance the standard of care for people impacted by cancer by engaging with health professionals and providing access to information and educational opportunities.

…end of life. For more information, please contact Register for the Health Professional Cancer Network Have you or someone you love been touched by cancer? Help us give hope to Queenslanders affected by cancer by sharing your story. Stories…

Research snapshot – Cancer in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children Youlden 2021

…increase in the incidence rate of cancer amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (compared to 12% for other Australian children). However, because cancer incidence was initially much lower among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their rate of cancer