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ovarian ablation

Stopping the ovaries from producing oestrogen, which is done surgically (oopherectomy) or with radiation therapy.


Treatment that combines chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

targeted therapies

…or other substances to selectively target proteins or other molecules involved in cancer cell growth. Two types of targeted therapies are drug therapies and immunotherapies. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy affects all cells, but targeted therapies avoid damage to normal cells….

laser surgery

The use of an intense light beam (a laser) that works like a knife to cut or remove tissue.


A diagnostic x-ray machine that is used to ensure the correct alignment of the treatment beam with the tumour….


Layers of cells covering internal and external surfaces of the body, including the ovaries.

Mindfulness Programs

The Cancer Counselling Service provides a range of emotional support options, including our mindfulness programs. These programs are run by psychologists and nurse counsellors who are trained in the delivery of mindfulness based cognitive therapy. What…

hormone treatment

A treatment that blocks the body’s natural hormones that help cancer grow, which is used when the cancer is growing in response to hormones. Also called hormone therapy.


The prevention or treatment of disease using substances that alter the immune system’s response. This is a type of biological therapy.

Targeted therapies

Targeted therapy is a type of drug treatment that attacks the specific features of cancer cells, known as molecular targets, to stop the cancer growing and spreading. How does targeted therapy work? Targeted therapy drugs circulate throughout the body. Each…