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News: Women living in north and west Queensland face increasing chance of breast cancer

Breast cancer incidence rates are increasing faster in north and west Queensland than in the rest of the state, a new Cancer Council Queensland study has found[1]. Researchers from Cancer Council Queensland examined incidence and survival patterns for the five…

News: Where women live influences decisions about breast cancer treatment

New joint research has found that the distance to cancer services may be influencing the treatment intentions of regional Queensland women diagnosed with breast cancer. Specifically, a study by QUT, Cancer Council and BreastScreen Queensland found that where a…

News: Regional women bridge the breast reconstruction divide

had a mastectomy after breast cancer, the proportion who had a subsequent breast reconstruction had increased over time. “A range of factors are helping to reduce the geographical disparity – post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is strongly influenced by demographics, residential location…

News: Free wigs give Queensland cancer patients their confidence back

…a time when she needed it most. Days after getting engaged she was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 28 years of age, and lost her hair just weeks before she was set to tie the knot. “When I lost…

oestrogen receptor positive (ER+)

Breast cancer cells that have a receptor protein to which oestrogen will attach. Breast cancer cells that are ER+ depend on the hormone oestrogen to grow….

progesterone receptor positive (PR+)

Breast cancer cells that have a receptor protein to which progesterone will attach. Breast cancer cells that are PR+ depend on the hormone progesterone to grow….


The removal of part of the breast. Also called breast conserving surgery.

ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Abnormal cells in the breast ducts that may increase the risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon Fundraising

Show your support for Queensland women Every year 4200 Queensland women are diagnosed with a breast or gynaecological cancer. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and partners. Women that mean the world to us. We owe it to them to make a…

atypical ductal hyperplasia

A non-cancerous condition of the cells in the lining of the milk ducts in the breast.