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axillary surgery

The removal of some lymph nodes in the armpit, to check whether cancer has spread.

News: World first prostate cancer surgery trial

In a world first trial Australian researchers have found robotic surgery for prostate cancer is no more effective than open prostatectomy at 12 weeks after surgery, contrary to widespread clinical advice. Robot-assisted surgery for prostate cancer has been rapidly adopted…

Mohs’ surgery

A specialised surgical procedure for removing skin cancers little by little until only healthy cells remain. Also called microscopically controlled excision….


The removal of part of the breast. Also called breast conserving surgery.

supraglottic laryngectomy

Surgery to remove the upper part of the larynx above the vocal cords (supraglottis)….

supracricoid laryngectomy

Surgery to remove the upper part of the larynx, including vocal cords….


A type of surgery. The surgeon opens the chest cavity through a cut on the back to examine, biopsy and/or remove the tumour….

exploratory laparotomy

A type of laparotomy surgery in which the surgeon looks in the body for evidence of disease or by taking a tissue sample.

pathology report

The written test results done on tissue removed during biopsy or surgery. It provides information about the cancerous tissue, including its size and location, hormonal status, how far it has spread, surgical margins and how fast it is growing….

recovery room

A hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery….