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Blog: Cervical cancer survivor celebrates five years cancer free

forward and help eliminate the disease. More information about cervical screening visit . If you, or a loved one, has been impacted by cervical cancer, please call Cancer Council’s 13 11 20 for information and support….

News: Cervical cancer screening participation key to closing the gap

Indigenous women was about twice that for non-Indigenous women,” Ms McMillan said. “To achieve the elimination of cervical cancer, it’s vital that all eligible women participate in the National Cervical Screening Program and that girls and boys are vaccinated against…

News: Prioritise breast and cervical cancer screening this International Women’s Day

…National Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said International Women’s Day was an opportunity to take charge of your health and encourage other women to do the same. “We’re encouraging women right across the state…

News: Queensland records second lowest rate of cervical screening

…serious diseases that can lead to cervical cancer can be found and treated. “Participation leads to fewer cases of cervical cancer, and fewer women dying from this disease.” Cancer Council Queensland has welcomed Federal Government funding for a new cervical

News: Progress on cervical cancer stalls in Queensland

had not been following recommended screening guidelines. “Incidence rates for cervical cancer more than halved between 1982 and 2008, but have now plateaued,” Ms Clift said. “We’re extremely concerned to see our progress on cervical cancer slowing down. “It’s critical…

News: Cervical cancer survivor opens up to help Queensland women

smears and having the cervical cancer vaccine. Still, a 4cm low-grade tumour was found. Weeks of tests followed and Ms Harris was given two surgical options to deal with the tumour – she chose a radical hysterectomy. “It was one…

glandular cell

A type of cell found in the cervical canal (endocervix).


The cells lining the cervical canal.

large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ)

A procedure used to remove cervical tissue for examination.

human papillomavirus (HPV)

A group of viruses that can cause infection in the skin surface of different areas of the body including the genitals. Some strains increase the risk of cancer, including cervical cancer. Also called a wart virus.