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The hollow muscular organ in which a fertilised egg grows and a baby is nourished until birth. Also called the womb….

fallopian tubes

Two long, finger-like tubes extending from the uterus to the ovaries. They carry fertilised eggs from the ovary to the uterus.


The surgical removal of the uterus and cervix.


A procedure to look inside the uterus using a telescope-like device called a hysteroscope.

uterine sarcoma

A cancer affecting the smooth muscle of the uterus or stroma….

dilation and curettage (D&C)

The cervix is dilated and the lining of the uterus is scraped out.


A hormone-producing female reproductive organ located near the uterus. It produces eggs (ova)….


Smooth muscle tissue that makes up the bulk of the uterus….


The end of the uterus that forms a canal and extends into the vagina.