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terminal illness

An illness that is unlikely to be cured and will result in somebody’s death some time in the future. It may also be called a life-limiting illness….

life-limiting illness

When an illness is unlikely to be cured and will cause death at some stage in the future. A person with a life-limiting illness may live for weeks, months or even years.

Voluntary Assisted Dying

The act or practice of deliberately ending the life of a person suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition. It is illegal in Australia….


A place that provides comprehensive care for people with a life-limiting illness. This may include inpatient medical care, respite care and end-of-life care for people who are unable to die at home.

palliative care

The holistic care of people who have a life-limiting illness, their families and carers. It aims to improve quality of life by addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, social and practical needs. It is not just for people who are about to…

primary health care

A person’s main health care, which is provided by a general practitioner (GP) or a community nurse. It can include initial tests and diagnoses of disease, health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic illness management….

quality of life

A person’s comfort and satisfaction, based on how well their physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, social and financial needs are met within the limitations of their illness….


A program to help a person recover and regain function after illness or injury. It may help them regain strength and return to living independently, or prepare necessary services or equipment to facilitate discharge from hospital….

Tackling Tobacco Queensland

…higher. Groups with higher smoking rates include: Low income and unemployed people Single parents People with a mental illness People with alcohol or drug addictions Homeless people or those with poor or unstable housing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people…