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Research snapshot – The risk of developing second primary cancers following a primary colorectal cancer Robertson 2022

cancer have an increased risk of developing other types of cancers (second primary cancers) compared with the general population. These second primary cancer types include cancers of the urinary bladder, female genitals, kidney, lung, bronchus and mediastinum, small intestine, stomach,…

Research snapshot – Second primary cancer in AYA cancer survivors Youlden 2022

…particularly important for both AYA cancer survivors and their clinicians. Contact: A/Prof Danny Youlden Reference: Youlden DR, Roder DM, Walker R, Bradford NK, Aitkin JF. Second primary cancers following cancer among adolescents and young adults in Queensland, Australia, 1982-2013. 2022….

primary cancer

The original cancer. Cells from the primary cancer may break away and be carried to other parts of the body, where secondary cancers may form….

Research snapshot – Second primary cancers following childhood cancer Youlden 2020

…What is new? Our results provide the first estimates at the national level of the risk of second cancers within a recent group of Australian childhood cancer survivors. The risk of a second primary cancer was increased five-fold among Australian…

cancer of unknown primary

Cancer is found in the body but the location where the cancer first started growing (the primary site) cannot be determined. Also called cancer of occult primary.

Research snapshot – Survival in patients with multiple primary melanomas Peek 2020

…data were analysed with appropriate statistical methods to account for so-called “survival bias”, patients with multiple primary melanomas were found to have a clear survival disadvantage compared to patients with a single primary melanoma. What does this mean? Improvements in…

metastatic neck cancer with unknown primary

Cancer that is found in the lymph nodes of the neck but the primary location cannot be located. It may have started as a head and neck cancer, and is often treated as such….

Research snapshot – Access to Aboriginal community-controlled primary health organisations and Pap test participation Dasgupta 2021

…Community-Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs). However, better access to ACCHO primary care did not fully explain the higher participation in North Queensland. What does this mean? Improving access to primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, especially through…

primary health care

A person’s main health care, which is provided by a general practitioner (GP) or a community nurse. It can include initial tests and diagnoses of disease, health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic illness management….

primary health care provider

A health professional, such as a general practitioner (GP) or community nurse, who provides the first point of contact for a person to help them with a range of health care matters….