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plastic surgeon

A surgeon trained in complex aesthetic (appearance) and reconstructive techniques. A plastic surgeon can surgically reshape or rebuild a part of the body, including breasts, face and skin. Also known as reconstructive surgeon….


surgery – also called minimally invasive surgery, is when the surgeon makes a few small cuts in the body instead of one large cut used in open surgery. The surgeon will insert a tiny instrument with light and a camera…

Helen’s story

…room to see a surgeon, I looked around to see so many unwell people there. I still felt fine and completely out of place. It was decided that my surgeon would cut out the tumour and lymph nodes to test….

nasogastric (NG) tube

A plastic feeding tube that passes in through the nasal passageway and directly into the stomach….

central venous access device (CVAD)

A type of thin plastic tube inserted into a vein. The CVAD gives access to a vein so blood or chemotherapy can be given, and blood can be taken. Types of CVADs include central lines, Hickman lines, peripherally inserted central…


A plastic tube inserted into a narrow opening (usually a vein) so that fluids can be introduced or removed.


A surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to examine the lymph nodes at the centre of the chest and remove a sample, if necessary….

stereotactic surgery

Surgery done using a computer to guide the surgeon….


A surgeon who specialises in treating diseases of the urinary tract and sex organs in males, and the urinary organs in females….


A type of surgery. The surgeon opens the chest cavity through a cut on the back to examine, biopsy and/or remove the tumour….