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fine needle aspiration (FNA)

A biopsy procedure in which a fine needle is placed into a lump to extract cells.

endometrial aspiration

Removing the lining of the uterus (endometrium) through a needle.

needle core biopsy

A procedure in which tissue is removed from an organ or lymph node using a needle….

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lumbar puncture

A test where a needle is inserted into the spinal column to collect fluid. Also called a spinal tap.


A procedure in which a hollow needle is inserted between the ribs in order to drain excess fluid. Also called a pleural tap….

Kidney cancer

…primary cancer forms a tumour that is confined to the kidney. Usually, only a single kidney is infected, but in rare cases, both kidneys can be affected. As cancer grows, it can spread to areas near the kidney, such as…


…Checking the lymph nodes – Your doctor may feel the lymph nodes near the melanoma to see if they are enlarged. To test whether the melanoma has spread, your doctor may recommend that you have a fine needle biopsy or…

Helen’s story

…next to me – I felt fine. But then my husband Dave arrived, followed by a doctor and another nurse. The curtains were drawn and they told us they had found cancer. Bowel cancer. Is this for real? I felt…