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endometrial stromal sarcoma

A type of uterine sarcoma.

Cancer of the uterus

…is called stroma. There are 3 types: Endometrial stromal sarcoma – this is a low-grade, slow-growing tumour Leiomyosarcoma – this is a faster growing type and may be more likely to spread to other parts of the body Undifferentiated sarcoma

Müllerian sarcoma

A type of uterine sarcoma….

sex-cord stromal cells

Ovarian cells that release the female hormones….

uterine sarcoma

A cancer affecting the smooth muscle of the uterus or stroma….

renal sarcoma

A rare cancer that affects the connective tissues of the kidney….

endometrial aspiration

Removing the lining of the uterus (endometrium) through a needle.

Ovarian cancer

…Epithelial – starts in the fallopian tubes, on the surface of the ovary (epithelium) or in the peritoneum. Germ cell – start in the egg-producing (germinal) cells. Stromal cell – rare cancer that starts in the cells that produce the…

non-epithelial ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer that does not start in the lining of the ovary. Types include germ cell ovarian cancer and sex-cord stromal cancer….


A type of uterine sarcoma.