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Drugs used to treat cancer that depend on hormones to grow.

oestrogen receptor positive (ER+)

Breast cancer cells that have a receptor protein to which oestrogen will attach. Breast cancer cells that are ER+ depend on the hormone oestrogen to grow….

Cancer of the uterus

…ovary syndrome taking oestrogen hormone replacement without progesterone previous pelvic radiation for cancer taking tamoxifen, an antioestrogen drug used to treat breast cancer (talk to your doctor if you are concerned about this risk) Many women who have risk factors…

Anti-Tobacco Legislation

Cancer Council Queensland has worked with the Queensland Government to introduce some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in Australia. Smoke-free Legislation The Queensland State Government has implemented some of the strongest smoke-free laws in the world, banning smoking in many…

News: School students called to give verdict on anti-smoking ads

…critique anti-smoking advertisements and vote on the most effective way to discourage young people from smoking. Entries open today, July 15. The Critics’ Choice was specifically developed to increase young people’s awareness of the issues and dangers surrounding tobacco use…


A female sex hormone produced mainly by the ovaries that helps mature and regulate the female reproductive system….

News: Queensland schools win world praise on anti-sugar strategies

One of the world’s leading international agencies on cancer has showcased Queensland’s success in reducing the availability of sugar in schools, in a new global policy brief launched this week at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. The…


Medication to help relieve the symptoms of depression.

aromatase inhibitors

Drugs that help prevent the growth of oestrogen-dependent cancer cells by reducing the amount of oestrogen in a post-menopausal woman’s body.


An antioestrogen hormone treatment….