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red blood cells

One of three types of cells found in the blood. They carry oxygen around the body. Also called erythrocytes….

white blood cells

One of three types of cells found in the blood. They help fight infection. Types of white blood cells include neutrophils, lymphocytes and monocytes. Also called leucocytes….

bone marrow

The soft, spongy material inside bones. Bone marrow contains stem cells that produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

News: Cloncurry Graziers the spirit of Red Dirt Relay For Life

Cancer Council Queensland’s Relay For Life came to Cloncurry in the state’s north west for the first time this September. The inaugural Red Dirt Relay For Life offered the community the chance to celebrate with local cancer survivors, patients and…


Deficiency in the number or quality of red blood cells.

blood transfusion

Transferring donated or stored blood and blood products into the circulatory system.

urothelial cells

Cells that line parts of the urinary tract, such as where the kidney joins the ureter, in the ureter itself, in the bladder and in some parts of the urethra. This forms a watertight lining. Also called transitional cells….

faecal occult blood test (FOBT)

A test that checks stools for microscopic traces of blood.

germ cells

Cells that produce eggs in females and sperm in males. Germ cell cancers can occur in the ovaries or testicles.

sex-cord stromal cells

Ovarian cells that release the female hormones….