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substitute decision-maker

A person who makes decisions on your behalf if you become incapable of making them yourself. Documents used to make a substitute decisionmaker may be called enduring power of attorney, enduring power of guardianship or appointment of enduring guardian….

Research snapshot – Role of law in end-of-life decision-making Willmott 2021

…of conflict. Contact: Joanne Aitken Reference: Willmott L, White B, Feeney R, Tilse C, Wilson J, Aitken JF. Role of law in end-of-life decision-making: perspectives of patients, substitute decision-makers and families. Journal of Law and Medicine. 2021; 28:813-830. Read more

enduring power of attorney/enduring power of guardianship

See substitute decision-maker.

advance care directive

A written document intended to apply to a point in the future when you don’t have the capacity to make decisions. It provides a legal means for a competent adult to appoint a substitute decisionmaker and/or record their choices for…