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salivary glands

Glands where saliva is made. Includes the parotid gland (front of the ears) and the sublingual and submandibular glands (under the oral cavity)….

Head and Neck Cancer

teeth. Salivary gland The salivary gland makes saliva. There are three major salivary glands; parotid (in front of the ears), sublingual (under the tongue) and submandibular gland (under the jawbone). Most salivary gland cancers affect the parotid glands. Throat (pharynx)…

salivary ducts

Small openings in the oral cavity that release saliva into the mouth. The ducts are connected to the salivary glands….

salivary gland cancer

Cancer that affects the salivary glands, most commonly the parotid gland….

adrenal glands

Triangular glands resting on top of each kidney that produce adrenaline and other hormones.

parotid gland

One of the major salivary glands. It is found just in front of the ears….


Also called spit. The watery substance released into the mouth from salivary glands….


…Other female genital organs cancer C52, C55, C57 to C58 Other lip, oral cavity & pharynx cancer C14 Other lymphatic cancers M974 to M976 Other major salivary glands cancer C07 to C08 Other parts of mouth cancer C05 to C06…

facial nerve

A major nerve in the skull that controls muscle movement in the face. It runs through the parotid salivary gland.

News: Wealth and remoteness driving factors for head and neck cancer disparities

…neck cancers occur inside the sinuses, nose, mouth and throat, and salivary glands. “These place a significant burden on our state, our communities and our families – it’s vital that we reduce our risk where possible.” Ms McMillan said while…