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renal pelvis

A funnel-shaped structure where the kidney and ureter meet….

renal cell carcinoma (RCC)

The most common type of kidney cancer. Also called renal adenocarcinoma. It begins in the kidney’s nephrons. Types of RCC include clear cell carcinoma, papillary, chromophobe or sarcomatoid kidney cancers….

renal sarcoma

A rare cancer that affects the connective tissues of the kidney….


The lower part of the trunk of the body: roughly, the area that extends from hip to hip and waist to groin….

urothelial carcinoma

Cancer that occurs in urothelial cells. It can start in the renal pelvis of the kidney, the ureter or the bladder. Sometimes called transitional cell carcinoma (TCC)….


A tiny telescope through which structures within the abdomen and pelvis can be seen.

pelvic sidewall

A structure of bone and ligament on the side of the pelvis….