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When the symptoms of the cancer reduce or disappear. A partial remission is when there has been a significant improvement in the cancer. A complete remission is when there is no evidence of active cancer….


…for different reasons: To achieve remission or cure – In many cases, chemotherapy causes the signs and symptoms of cancer to reduce or disappear (often referred to as remission or complete response). The treatment may be called curative chemotherapy. To…

Radiation Therapy

…can be used in three main ways: As the main treatment to achieve remission or cure. Radiation therapy may be given with the aim of causing the cancer to reduce or disappear. This is called curative or definitive radiation therapy.Sometimes…

active treatment

Treatment given to cure the cancer, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This does not include long-term treatment such as hormone medication, which may be taken for several years to maintain remission.

News: Cervical cancer survivor opens up to help Queensland women

…moment by moment,” she said. “Thankfully, I can now say that I am in remission, and although I still have side effects from treatment, the journey helped define who I am today.” Now healthy, Ms Harris has shared her…

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…improved survival and prolonged remission in cancer patients. Professor Mark Smyth, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Nectin-like molecules in cancer Immunotherapy is emerging as an alternative to standard anti-cancer therapies, but many patients still do not benefit from these immunotherapies….