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pleural cavity

The space that lies between the two layers of the pleura (lungs) and normally contains a thin film of fluid….

pleural effusion

An abnormal build-up of fluid in the pleural cavity (outside the lung itself)….

pleural tap

See thoracentesis….

nasal cavity

The large, air-filled space located behind the nose and in the middle of the face….


A procedure in which a hollow needle is inserted between the ribs in order to drain excess fluid. Also called a pleural tap….

endoscopic surgery

A type of surgery for cancers that can be accessed through the nasal cavity. Tissue is removed using an endoscope and no surgical cuts need to be made.

lateral rhinotomy

A cut along the edge of the nose to gain access to the nasal cavity and sinuses.

intraperitoneal chemotherapy

A technique of administering chemotherapy into the abdominal cavity via injection into the peritoneum.

midface degloving

Surgical access to the nasal cavity or sinuses using a cut under the upper lip….

salivary ducts

Small openings in the oral cavity that release saliva into the mouth. The ducts are connected to the salivary glands….