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News: Distressing condition highlighted during awareness month

lymphoedema can be successfully managed to minimise the effects on patients.” This month, Cancer Council Queensland hosted a number of awareness events designed to support and inform people touched by lymphoedema, including patients, carers, friends, family, generalist health professionals, lymphoedema


…level of swelling and any pitting, thickening or damage to the skin. Many doctors will refer you to a trained lymphoedema practitioner for a full assessment. For more information on lymphoedema, please refer to the Understanding Lymphoedema


Persistent swelling in tissues as a result of obstruction or damage of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes from infection, cancer or cancer treatment….


…target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Professional Symposiums and Conferences pages. Health Professionals are encouraged to register to become members of the the Health Professional Cancer Network. Lymphoedema in the setting of gynaecological cancer – how research is informing us 2018 Speakers:…

Radiation Therapy

…Bowel problems Sexuality and intimacy issues Infertility Mouth and throat problems Lymphoedema Tissue hardening (fibrosis) For more information on radiation therapy please refer to the Understanding Radiation Therapy booklet. The information available on this page should not…