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axillary lymph nodes

Lymph nodes in and around the armpit.

lymph nodes

Also called lymph glands. Small, beanshaped structures that form part of the lymphatic system. They collect and destroy bacteria and viruses.

lymph vessels

Thin tubes that drain the body’s tissue fluid (lymph) from all over the body to lymph nodes.

sentinel node biopsy

Removal of the sentinel node. If this is clear, no further lymph nodes are removed….

radical nephrectomy

The surgical removal of the whole of the diseased kidney. If diseased, the adrenal gland, surrounding fatty tissue and nearby lymph nodes are sometimes removed as well….

neck dissection

Surgery to remove lymph nodes and some surrounding structures in the neck, such as muscle, fat or nerves….

metastatic neck cancer with unknown primary

Cancer that is found in the lymph nodes of the neck but the primary location cannot be located. It may have started as a head and neck cancer, and is often treated as such….


A surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to examine the lymph nodes at the centre of the chest and remove a sample, if necessary….


A procedure in which a radioactive substance is injected into the skin to identify sentinel lymph nodes….


Persistent swelling in tissues as a result of obstruction or damage of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes from infection, cancer or cancer treatment….