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…cancer. Radiation therapy is also known as radiotherapy. Radiation therapy uses a controlled dose of radiation to kill cancer cells or damage them so they cannot grow, multiple or spread. View more Radiotherapy A…

selective internal radiation therapy

A type of internal radiation therapy used to treat liver tumours. Also called SIRT.

three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT)

A type of external radiation therapy that uses a computer to shape the radiation beams to the shape of the tumour. This delivers high doses of radiation to the tumour while sparing the normal tissues as much as possible. Beams…

internal radiation therapy

See brachytherapy or radioisotope therapy.

News: Brain Tumour Support Service Newsletter

…Their treatment may consist of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of the three. The whole experience is a blur of anxiety and uncertainty. Although this time is chaotic, there is a network of health care providers and charitable…

radiation therapy

The use of radiation, usually x-rays or gamma rays, to kill cancer cells or injure them so they cannot grow and multiply. Sometimes radiation therapy is used to control pain.

intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)

A type of external radiation therapy in which the radiation beams are aimed from several directions, while the intensity (strength) is controlled by computers. This helps to reduce some side effects.

News: State-of-the-Art Radiation Therapy Starts up at Springfield

Springfield’s first radiotherapy service opened its doors this week, enabling local cancer patients to access more affordable, timely treatment. The first patient received radiation therapy earlier this week at the new Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) facility, based at the new…