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The lowest part of the back of the throat. Also called the laryngopharynx.

Head and Neck Cancer

…can affect the three parts of the pharynx; nasopharynx, oropharynx and hypopharynx. Voice box (larynx) The voice box, also called the larynx, is a short passageway that connects the lower part of the throat (hypopharynx) with the windpipe (trachea). Cancer…


…Other skin cancer C44 (excluding M805 to M811, M872 to M879) Other specified leukaemia M994 Ovarian cancer C56 Pancreatic cancer C25 Penile cancer C60, C63 Prostate cancer C61 Pyriform sinus & hypopharynx cancer C12 to C13 Rectosigmoid junction & rectal…