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frontal sinuses

Sinuses located behind the forehead.

maxillary sinuses

Sinuses located under the eyes and within the maxillary (cheek) bones….

ethmoid sinuses

Sinuses located behind the ethmoid bone in the skull.

sphenoid sinuses

The sinuses located at the centre of the base of the skull….

paranasal sinuses

Air-filled spaces within the head that lighten the weight of the skull….

Head and Neck Cancer

…(pharynx), voice box (larynx), nose and sinuses. Only malignant tumours are cancer. Some tumours in the head and neck are benign (not cancer). Types of head and neck cancer Cancers of the head and neck are categorised by the area…

lateral rhinotomy

A cut along the edge of the nose to gain access to the nasal cavity and sinuses.

midface degloving

Surgical access to the nasal cavity or sinuses using a cut under the upper lip….

News: Benign Brain Tumours

…acoustic neuroma that arises from the balance nerves), or from the pituitary gland (pituitary adenomas). Fig.3 – A large meningioma over the left frontal lobe Meningiomas can present in the same way as the intra-axial tumours above, because they can…

News: Wealth and remoteness driving factors for head and neck cancer disparities

…neck cancers occur inside the sinuses, nose, mouth and throat, and salivary glands. “These place a significant burden on our state, our communities and our families – it’s vital that we reduce our risk where possible.” Ms McMillan said while…