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clear margin

When the surrounding tissue removed during surgery does not contain any cancer cells.


When a malignant tumour is surgically removed some surrounding tissue will be removed with it. If this surrounding tissue does not contain any cancer cells it is said to be a clear margin….

clear cell carcinoma

A type of endometrial cancer.

News: Time to clear up confusion on pros and cons of prostate cancer tests

This September, Cancer Council is calling on Queenslanders to be proactive about prostate cancer, urging men at risk to talk to their GP about the pros and cons of testing. About 32,500 men are alive today in Queensland after a…


An operation in which a hole is made at the base of the neck into the trachea (windpipe), in order to create a clear airway….

sentinel node biopsy

Removal of the sentinel node. If this is clear, no further lymph nodes are removed….

renal cell carcinoma (RCC)

The most common type of kidney cancer. Also called renal adenocarcinoma. It begins in the kidney’s nephrons. Types of RCC include clear cell carcinoma, papillary, chromophobe or sarcomatoid kidney cancers….

cerebrospinal fluid

Clear, watery fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.