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chronic disease

An illness or disease that is long lasting and may change the way a person lives their life.

News: Lifestyle choices cause one third of all disease burden

One third of the total disease burden in Australia could be prevented by people quitting smoking, getting active, losing weight and eating more fruit – a new AIHW study has found. The Australian Burden of Disease Study: Impact and causes…

Crohn’s disease

A benign type of inflammatory bowel disease that may increase a person’s risk of developing bowel cancer.

News: Cancer an environmental disease: World Cancer Atlas

Cancer is an environmental disease mainly caused by avoidable lifestyle factors, according to the latest evidence released today at the World Cancer Congress in Melbourne. The findings, published by the Union for International Cancer Control and American Cancer Society in…

News: Smoke in their faces: Queensland kids facing future disease

…all age groups; and rates were significantly higher in remote areas. “Exposure to passive smoke raises a person’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory conditions, and can cause asthma, SIDS and allergic respiratory diseases in children,” Ms Clift…

inflammatory bowel disease

A benign condition that causes inflammation of the bowel.

primary health care

A person’s main health care, which is provided by a general practitioner (GP) or a community nurse. It can include initial tests and diagnoses of disease, health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic illness management….

Cancer stage

The extent of a cancer and whether the disease has spread from an original site to other parts of the body.


The removal of a small sample of tissue from the body for examination under a microscope to help diagnose a disease.


The identification and naming of a disease.