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News: Benign Brain Tumours

…general, it is considered that those tumours that are WHO grade 1-2 are considered ‘low grade’ or ‘benign’, whereas those that are grades 3 or 4 are considered ‘high grade’ or ‘malignant’. When thinking about benign brain tumours, there are…

News: Adjustment to Benign or Non-malignant Brain Tumour

…others such as “You’re just lucky it’s not malignant” can unintentionally leave somebody with a benign brain tumour feeling as though their experience is not valid. Although the effects of benign brain tumour are largely not visible from the outside,…


Not cancerous or malignant.

benign prostate enlargement

A non-cancerous swelling of the prostate.

ulcerative colitis

A benign bowel disease that may increase the risk of bowel cancer….


A type of benign brain tumour….


A projecting growth from a surface in the body, such as the large bowel. Most polyps are benign, but they can become malignant….

pituitary tumour

A type of benign brain tumour….


A type of benign brain tumour….

Brain tumour

…non-cancerous (benign). When benign or malignant tumors grow, they can cause the pressure inside your skull to increase. This can cause brain damage, and it can be life-threatening. Brain tumors are categorized as primary or secondary. A primary brain tumor…