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advance care plan

A document that outlines a person’s specific wishes for future medical care.

The implementation and mechanisms of advance notifications for cancer screening: a scoping review

…known as advance notification, really works can help inform our attempts to make it even more effective, and encourage more Australians to take part in cancer screening. This review reported on the features of advance notifications that have been used…

advance care directive

…the future when you don’t have the capacity to make decisions. It provides a legal means for a competent adult to appoint a substitute decisionmaker and/or record their choices for future health and personal care. Also called a living will….

emergency care plan

Document that provides direction and instructions to allow someone else to provide the care that you would usually provide.

News: Plan ahead to avoid long weekend burn, Cancer Council warns

As millions prepare for the long weekend, Cancer Council Queensland is reminding people to plan ahead to enjoy the time off – without the burn! UV levels are expected to remain extreme throughout the entire weekend, even if the sun…

palliative care unit

A place that provides comprehensive care for people with a limited prognosis. This includes inpatient medical care, respite care and end-of-life care for people who are unable to die at home. It may also offer day care facilities and home…

respite care

Alternative care arrangements that allow the carer and person with cancer a short break from their usual care arrangements. Respite care can be given in the home, at hospital or in a palliative care unit….

multidisciplinary (MDT) care

…team collaborate to discuss a patient’s physical and emotional needs as well as any other factors affecting their care. The team meets to review cases and decide on different treatments and care. A palliative care team also offers multidisciplinary care….

palliative care

…their families and carers. It aims to improve quality of life by addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, social and practical needs. It is not just for people who are about to die, although end-of-life care is a part of palliative care….

palliative care nurse

A nurse who has specialised in the field of palliative care and is very experienced in helping patients, families and carers with end-of-life care….