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adrenal glands

Triangular glands resting on top of each kidney that produce adrenaline and other hormones.

salivary glands

Glands where saliva is made. Includes the parotid gland (front of the ears) and the sublingual and submandibular glands (under the oral cavity)….

Head and Neck Cancer

your doctor may recommend you have a biopsy. CT scan MRI scan PET Scan Ultrasound – sometimes used to look at the thyroid, salivary glands and lymph glands in the neck. X-ray – of your head and neck to check…

News: Pituitary Tumours

…pituitary gland. This hormone stimulates the adrenal glands to release too much cortisol into the blood stream. The build-up of cortisol causes extensive disruption and damage to the body. High levels can lead to dysregulation of the hormonal system, immune…

radical nephrectomy

The surgical removal of the whole of the diseased kidney. If diseased, the adrenal gland, surrounding fatty tissue and nearby lymph nodes are sometimes removed as well….

Kidney cancer

…the surrounding fatty tissue, veins, adrenal glands, ureters or the liver. It may also spread to other parts of the body, such as the lungs or bones. Very rarely, cancers in the kidney can be secondary cancer (metastasis) from primary…

Lung cancer

…body such as the lymph nodes, brain, adrenal glands, liver and bones. When cancer starts in another part of the body and spreads to the lungs, it is called secondary or metastatic cancer in the lung. Types of lung cancer…


Removal of the lymph glands from a part of the body. Also called a lymph node dissection.

lymph nodes

Also called lymph glands. Small, beanshaped structures that form part of the lymphatic system. They collect and destroy bacteria and viruses.

seminal vesicles

Glands that lie close to the prostate and produce secretions that form part of the semen….