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News: Researchers strive to shine light on thin skin cancers

University of Queensland research will determine which patients are least likely to survive melanoma, in an effort to help them beat the disease, thanks to a $200,000 Cancer Council grant. The research will focus on thin melanomas, which account for…

superficial spreading melanoma

The most common type of cutaneous melanoma, making up almost 50% of all cases….

nodular melanoma

A type of cutaneous melanoma. Makes up about 10% of melanomas, and is often more aggressive….

melanoma in-situ

An early melanoma that has not penetrated into deeper tissue (the dermis)….

News: Get to know your skin, urges Cancer Council

less common subtypes of melanoma, such as nodular melanoma – which accounts for about 8 per cent of all melanomas diagnosed in Queensland each year. The five-year relative survival rate for Queenslanders diagnosed with nodular melanoma is 79 per cent….

News: Volunteers take part in skin cancer forum

…there alongside volunteers from Melanoma Patients Australia and community members to witness the launch of Queensland’s first Centre for Research Excellence for the Study of Naevi. The air was abuzz with the excitement of skin care researchers to show their…

acral lentiginous melanoma

A rare type of cutaneous melanoma that occurs on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet or under the nails.

localised melanoma

A melanoma that has not spread from its starting point to lymph nodes or other organs.

cutaneous melanoma

Melanoma that starts in the skin.

News: Volunteer Voice December

melanomas, that represent the largest numbers, the disease can result in mortality. As a result, currently a significant proportion of patients who die from melanoma had a thin tumour. Our project proposes to identify factors that can predict which patients…